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place for gamblers

      There are so many places to play gamble around the world, as we describe for specific type of gambling. Here are some of top famous places for gamblers.

  1. JAPAN – Tokyo

Japan is one of country that forbidden to gamble in cash. So they are creating pachinko machine. Pachinko is similar to slot machine but it looks like and arcade game / pinball machine with modernization look. Some of them are franchise with movie based look.

In order to play you may change your cash to ball token, after that you can choose any machine you like and play. There are springs loaded in order to release the ball.

The target is to capture the ball as many as possible. Some of parlor giving extra prize like jackpot.

You may find this pachinko parlors spread across big city like Tokyo, Osaka.

  • MALAYSIA – Genting highland

This place is quite unique. The casino is on top of hill 1,865m (6,118 ft) from the ground, to reach into the casino you may ride cable car. They also offering more than 10.000 hotel room, theme park with roller coaster, snow world, and skytropolis funland. This is the only legal place to gamble in Malaysia

  • MONACO – Monte Carlo

Almost everyone know this place, from formula one, boxing championship, European poker championship, backgammon championship. Also history, movie culture and opera.

Casino are very well known such as Monte Carlo Casino which given so many facilities such as roulette, baccarat, craps, trente et quarante, blackjack

This place also known as tax haven which given low rate tax. Many sports players also live in here.

  • MACAU – China

Macau is special administrative region of the people’s republic of China, located in south of china. Macau also famous for tourist because it has history driven from Europe.

Some casino are very well known such as The Sands, City of Dream, Venetian, Wynn, and Grand Lisboa.

  • USA – Las Vegas

Located in Nevada, Las vegas is very well known for gambling heaven, adult entertainment, tourist destination. Las Vegas also get title as “Sin City”

Here are the famous casino in Las Vegas such as MGM Grand, Luxor, Bellagio, Wynn, Caesars Palace

Aside from that the place discussed above, the sbobet agent Hokipanda Twitter Channel website is the most useful resource for gambling online and visited by alot of players in Indonesia.

type card

            Playing card as we know is standard 52-card deck, usually has ambigram type of picture with symbol clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥) and spades (♠). This symbol we used is come from French. Diamonds and hearts usually has red color for entire set. The deck start with symbol , numeric start from 1 ( ace ) to 10 and J ( Jack ) , Q ( Queen ) , K ( King ) , and 2 joker ( black-white and full color ) for each set of symbol given total of 54 cards. Mostly jokers aren’t use to play, depends on game. Material commonly from paper, pasteboard, thin cardboard, heave paper, plastic-coated paper. It can be used for magic trick, card games, card trick performance, or even tarot reading.

card As - 10

            Started from Chinese literature in 10th century, playing card were spread through silk road and appeared in Europe around 13th. Foot print were found in several country like Egypt, Persian, Arabian. Playing card became famous in Europe in 15th century with many various of symbol. country like Germany, Italy, Spanish has different type of modern deck of symbol.

            Playing card also popular for souvenirs, educational tools, branded accessories, collecting hobby. It also can be used in majority of casino and magician.

            Playing card nowadays has 2 different size, bridge size which 89 mm length and 57 mm width, and poker size 89 mm length and 63.5 mm width. These size were created because casino were very popular in 21 ( blackjack ) and it has bridge size card, the reason is table is narrow and mostly they use hundred or more decks per day. Poker size card also introduce with size 44 mm length and 60 mm width. Online gambling casino offer video streaming with custom size playing card because it use computer generating process.

            Most popular games using playing card are blackjack, baccarat, poker, crazy eights, solitaire, blitz, Fan-tan, ranter-go-round, rummy, speedy.