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Casinos around the world has to be luxurious, cozy, and amazing environment to make player enjoy the experience to play in it. Several casino put some concept such as egyptian, roman or any other historical concept and theme. Casino also have enormous amenities so people are spend in same complex of building. Shopping mall mostly is a basic thing to build inside with 5 stars hotel. Here are the best and top luxurious casino around the world. We are going to split and discuss luxurious casino within continent. Some are new building isn’t always the best.


Venetian casino located in Macau is one of the best casino with european concept and theme with area about 950,000 m2 or 10,000,000 square ft makes this casino is a top class. What makes this luxury? This casino has more than 6.000 slot machines and more than 800 gambling tables divided by each theme. It has 2,500 hotel room and indoor arena event such as boxing champhionship or circus show, not leaving behind with top notch brand shopping mall wrapped with european like Venice theme environment.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was built in 2010 is one of the best casino in South East Asia with area 120,000 m2. This building has very iconic of ship holding top. It has more than 2,400 room and exhibition room, art and galery show. The casino has more than 1,500 slot machine and 500 gambling table. Inside Marina Bay Sands has shopping mall with top international brands. The hotel equipped with infinity swimming pool that you can enjoy the view of singapore under it.

Casino business in Indonesia is also quite good but with government regulations that do not allow gambling, they do not have a building that provides casinos. But one casino agent, HokiPanda, provides it online and is one of the best. For all information, they use the social media Twitter Pandahoki as a form of communication and marketing.


The Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Bellagio hotel and casino was built in 1998. Located in center of Las Vegas with over than 3,500 hotel room, one of the famous scenery is dancing fountain on front of the hotel that you can enjoy for free. The casino has thousand of slot machine and gambling table serve with several other gambling activity such as sports betting and any other new games. Some restaurant offer world awarded chef and best amenities. Don’t worry about spend your money in shopping mall, it has top brand such as rolex, louis vuitton and other best brand around the world. Do not miss the attraction such as Cirque de soleil, botanical garden and art show. You must recognized this building because it appears many times in hollywood box office.


Sun City

Sun City in South Africa is actually an area with combination of several hotels. Each hotel has own conceptual brief. This area was built in 1979 along of their facilities such as vacation club, several golf course, water activities, safari activities, also best casino in Africa continent.


Casino De Monte-Carlo

Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco is still holding the best casino around the world with many historical value and important role for european significance. This building was built in 1863, The architecture of it’s building can hold over than thousand gambling machines and several tables also makes special stakes to play.