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domino game

Domino is a tile-based games, a rectangular tile divide by two and make 2 faces in it. Each face has dot between zero to six dots. It can be play using only domino or with dice, depends from type of games.
Domino was found from China in early silk road era. It gets famous when Italy modernized and introduce in carnival costume and Venetian carnival, often called black-hooded robe and white mask.
Domino decks are commonly called completely double-six set, shape is rectangle separate in line made it has 2 square on it, the set are from zero-zero, zero-one dot, until six-six dots. Some of tile has two values such as deuce-five, five-deuce, two-five, five-two. Version may differ, but mostly double can be treated as an additional of double. Some version each double belong to one suit.

Rules are depends from the variation of the game, here are some examples of the rules:

Blocking games rules
Some called it train game rules. Player draw domino tile (depend on number of player) if one player don’t have double, tiles must be shuffled again. After each player has double, first each player start private line to make train like sequence. If player can’t move, they may pass. A player who finished their hand wins, the rest of other player remain hand tile were calculated 5 point for each tile.
Dominoes / Draw
Each player draw 7 tiles, first player place a tile on the table to start. Other players continue to extend with same match of tile blocking dot, player who cannot continue the block must draw another tile. Player who finished their hand first is the winner, and the loser is who remains most tile.
You should have piece of paper and marking tools. Minimum of players is 2 persons. Each player draw 9 squares with number from 1-9. All dominos deck must be face down, then each player take a tile and calculated all the dots then place it on the number of the square shown, keep the sequence, if a tile show same number skip and then keep continue to other player. First player who get horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line is the winner.