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Digital / online gambling is a type of casino or sports betting to play in your computer through internet, nowadays you may play in your smartphone.

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It was first introduce in 1994 in Antigua. The country that pass allowing and granted for apply to open online casino. It was developed by Microgaming software company and software security developed by Cryptologic.
In 1994 Kahnwake Gaming Commission regulated online gambling activity from Mohwak Territory of kahnawake to keep the online gambling regulation and organization run fair and transparent.
Late 1990s, online gambling popularity were exploded, there only less than 20 website increased to 200 more website from following years. USA were given prohibition act through online gambling operation to its citizen but failed.
In 2016, online surveyor were calculated that gambling market would reach more than $45 billion and still growing to $55 billion by 2018.


To play online gambling you may get using credit card, electronic check, certified check, money order, wire transfer, nowadays with cryptocurrencies. Usually you have to create an digital ID and transfer the funds before you play/bet. Some websites offering first time deposit reward, or any betting reward. Reward can be transfer through your selected choice of method.
Some of country legalized online gambling operation, such as Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America. But usually website must be registered to government in order to pass legalization and can be monitored so gambling activity wouldn’t act money laundering or embezzling taxes.
Mostly online gambling are prohibited in majority of Asia, but it still can be found and access through any other country.


From player perspective, online gambling is hard to verify authenticity of sites. Unlike real casino, sort of factor can be seen such as casino probability fair, randomness, deck shuffling, legitimate sites, lack of trust / review. But now online gambling site were introduce GUI to prevent it.
Responsible Gaming Features (RGF) created for responsible gambler behavior and reduce harm like mental health problem, deposit limitation, warning sign from prolonged play, high expenditure. RGF must provide for country like Denmark, Germany, Spain. Australia also use this operation but only small percentage.