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Act of cheat were prohibited in real casino / online gambling site. Player will get banned, blacklisted, even go to jail if it under government law. Cheating in real casino such as chip fraud, suspect apparatus, interfering, misrepresenting games. Usually sanctions depend under circumstances. Advantages playing techniques are not cheating for mostly casino, for example card counting to play strategy in blackjack and other card games.

Online casino also vulnerable to cheaters. For example method players discovered number generator at poker deck, this allowed players to know what flop was coming if they knew the hands being held by three players.

casino table cheating


Here some following cheating methods from player. Can be individual cheaters or group cheaters.

• Past posting : player would likely replace the chips when lose / win.
• Hand mucking : player switching to desirable cards from their hand.
• Card marking : players marking card using various method during play.
• Deck marking : players marking deck using various method, some of them also involving casino employees. Casino often replace the deck, or cut the deck before given away that makes to prevent cheaters buying decks or using extra card from outside table.
• Slot machine : Method are using extra small machine to detect possible outcome or change calculation of jackpot time.
• Collusion : it’s group cheater to play in poker, they signaling and detecting if card very difficult to win or card has small value, this method can also be collude with the dealer.
• Auxiliary device : Players bring device that can detect card such as card counting or forecast the odds.
• Top Hats : In Roulette, players place a bet after ball has landed to specific number, some of them using fake chips.

Most casino prevent or reduce cheater by employing proper procedure, standardized to shuffleing card, dealing card, storing, retrieving, but mostly they put a lot of security camera to detect any certain method of cheating. Some of security camera also given computer to analyzed player, advantage player, also analyze the game pattern.