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Casinos around the world has to be luxurious, cozy, and amazing environment to make player enjoy the experience to play in it. Several casino put some concept such as egyptian, roman or any other historical concept and theme. Casino also have enormous amenities so people are spend in same complex of building. Shopping mall mostly is a basic thing to build inside with 5 stars hotel. Here are the best and top luxurious casino around the world. We are going to split and discuss luxurious casino within continent. Some are new building isn’t always the best.


Venetian casino located in Macau is one of the best casino with european concept and theme with area about 950,000 m2 or 10,000,000 square ft makes this casino is a top class. What makes this luxury? This casino has more than 6.000 slot machines and more than 800 gambling tables divided by each theme. It has 2,500 hotel room and indoor arena event such as boxing champhionship or circus show, not leaving behind with top notch brand shopping mall wrapped with european like Venice theme environment.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was built in 2010 is one of the best casino in South East Asia with area 120,000 m2. This building has very iconic of ship holding top. It has more than 2,400 room and exhibition room, art and galery show. The casino has more than 1,500 slot machine and 500 gambling table. Inside Marina Bay Sands has shopping mall with top international brands. The hotel equipped with infinity swimming pool that you can enjoy the view of singapore under it.

Casino business in Indonesia is also quite good but with government regulations that do not allow gambling, they do not have a building that provides casinos. But one casino agent, HokiPanda, provides it online and is one of the best. For all information, they use the social media Twitter Pandahoki as a form of communication and marketing.


The Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Bellagio hotel and casino was built in 1998. Located in center of Las Vegas with over than 3,500 hotel room, one of the famous scenery is dancing fountain on front of the hotel that you can enjoy for free. The casino has thousand of slot machine and gambling table serve with several other gambling activity such as sports betting and any other new games. Some restaurant offer world awarded chef and best amenities. Don’t worry about spend your money in shopping mall, it has top brand such as rolex, louis vuitton and other best brand around the world. Do not miss the attraction such as Cirque de soleil, botanical garden and art show. You must recognized this building because it appears many times in hollywood box office.


Sun City

Sun City in South Africa is actually an area with combination of several hotels. Each hotel has own conceptual brief. This area was built in 1979 along of their facilities such as vacation club, several golf course, water activities, safari activities, also best casino in Africa continent.


Casino De Monte-Carlo

Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco is still holding the best casino around the world with many historical value and important role for european significance. This building was built in 1863, The architecture of it’s building can hold over than thousand gambling machines and several tables also makes special stakes to play.

place for gamblers

      There are so many places to play gamble around the world, as we describe for specific type of gambling. Here are some of top famous places for gamblers.

  1. JAPAN – Tokyo

Japan is one of country that forbidden to gamble in cash. So they are creating pachinko machine. Pachinko is similar to slot machine but it looks like and arcade game / pinball machine with modernization look. Some of them are franchise with movie based look.

In order to play you may change your cash to ball token, after that you can choose any machine you like and play. There are springs loaded in order to release the ball.

The target is to capture the ball as many as possible. Some of parlor giving extra prize like jackpot.

You may find this pachinko parlors spread across big city like Tokyo, Osaka.

  • MALAYSIA – Genting highland

This place is quite unique. The casino is on top of hill 1,865m (6,118 ft) from the ground, to reach into the casino you may ride cable car. They also offering more than 10.000 hotel room, theme park with roller coaster, snow world, and skytropolis funland. This is the only legal place to gamble in Malaysia

  • MONACO – Monte Carlo

Almost everyone know this place, from formula one, boxing championship, European poker championship, backgammon championship. Also history, movie culture and opera.

Casino are very well known such as Monte Carlo Casino which given so many facilities such as roulette, baccarat, craps, trente et quarante, blackjack

This place also known as tax haven which given low rate tax. Many sports players also live in here.

  • MACAU – China

Macau is special administrative region of the people’s republic of China, located in south of china. Macau also famous for tourist because it has history driven from Europe.

Some casino are very well known such as The Sands, City of Dream, Venetian, Wynn, and Grand Lisboa.

  • USA – Las Vegas

Located in Nevada, Las vegas is very well known for gambling heaven, adult entertainment, tourist destination. Las Vegas also get title as “Sin City”

Here are the famous casino in Las Vegas such as MGM Grand, Luxor, Bellagio, Wynn, Caesars Palace

Aside from that the place discussed above, the sbobet agent Hokipanda Twitter Channel website is the most useful resource for gambling online and visited by alot of players in Indonesia.

type card

            Playing card as we know is standard 52-card deck, usually has ambigram type of picture with symbol clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥) and spades (♠). This symbol we used is come from French. Diamonds and hearts usually has red color for entire set. The deck start with symbol , numeric start from 1 ( ace ) to 10 and J ( Jack ) , Q ( Queen ) , K ( King ) , and 2 joker ( black-white and full color ) for each set of symbol given total of 54 cards. Mostly jokers aren’t use to play, depends on game. Material commonly from paper, pasteboard, thin cardboard, heave paper, plastic-coated paper. It can be used for magic trick, card games, card trick performance, or even tarot reading.

card As - 10

            Started from Chinese literature in 10th century, playing card were spread through silk road and appeared in Europe around 13th. Foot print were found in several country like Egypt, Persian, Arabian. Playing card became famous in Europe in 15th century with many various of symbol. country like Germany, Italy, Spanish has different type of modern deck of symbol.

            Playing card also popular for souvenirs, educational tools, branded accessories, collecting hobby. It also can be used in majority of casino and magician.

            Playing card nowadays has 2 different size, bridge size which 89 mm length and 57 mm width, and poker size 89 mm length and 63.5 mm width. These size were created because casino were very popular in 21 ( blackjack ) and it has bridge size card, the reason is table is narrow and mostly they use hundred or more decks per day. Poker size card also introduce with size 44 mm length and 60 mm width. Online gambling casino offer video streaming with custom size playing card because it use computer generating process.

            Most popular games using playing card are blackjack, baccarat, poker, crazy eights, solitaire, blitz, Fan-tan, ranter-go-round, rummy, speedy.

domino game

Domino is a tile-based games, a rectangular tile divide by two and make 2 faces in it. Each face has dot between zero to six dots. It can be play using only domino or with dice, depends from type of games.
Domino was found from China in early silk road era. It gets famous when Italy modernized and introduce in carnival costume and Venetian carnival, often called black-hooded robe and white mask.
Domino decks are commonly called completely double-six set, shape is rectangle separate in line made it has 2 square on it, the set are from zero-zero, zero-one dot, until six-six dots. Some of tile has two values such as deuce-five, five-deuce, two-five, five-two. Version may differ, but mostly double can be treated as an additional of double. Some version each double belong to one suit.

Rules are depends from the variation of the game, here are some examples of the rules:

Blocking games rules
Some called it train game rules. Player draw domino tile (depend on number of player) if one player don’t have double, tiles must be shuffled again. After each player has double, first each player start private line to make train like sequence. If player can’t move, they may pass. A player who finished their hand wins, the rest of other player remain hand tile were calculated 5 point for each tile.
Dominoes / Draw
Each player draw 7 tiles, first player place a tile on the table to start. Other players continue to extend with same match of tile blocking dot, player who cannot continue the block must draw another tile. Player who finished their hand first is the winner, and the loser is who remains most tile.
You should have piece of paper and marking tools. Minimum of players is 2 persons. Each player draw 9 squares with number from 1-9. All dominos deck must be face down, then each player take a tile and calculated all the dots then place it on the number of the square shown, keep the sequence, if a tile show same number skip and then keep continue to other player. First player who get horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line is the winner.

Digital / online gambling is a type of casino or sports betting to play in your computer through internet, nowadays you may play in your smartphone.

roulette table history


It was first introduce in 1994 in Antigua. The country that pass allowing and granted for apply to open online casino. It was developed by Microgaming software company and software security developed by Cryptologic.
In 1994 Kahnwake Gaming Commission regulated online gambling activity from Mohwak Territory of kahnawake to keep the online gambling regulation and organization run fair and transparent.
Late 1990s, online gambling popularity were exploded, there only less than 20 website increased to 200 more website from following years. USA were given prohibition act through online gambling operation to its citizen but failed.
In 2016, online surveyor were calculated that gambling market would reach more than $45 billion and still growing to $55 billion by 2018.


To play online gambling you may get using credit card, electronic check, certified check, money order, wire transfer, nowadays with cryptocurrencies. Usually you have to create an digital ID and transfer the funds before you play/bet. Some websites offering first time deposit reward, or any betting reward. Reward can be transfer through your selected choice of method.
Some of country legalized online gambling operation, such as Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America. But usually website must be registered to government in order to pass legalization and can be monitored so gambling activity wouldn’t act money laundering or embezzling taxes.
Mostly online gambling are prohibited in majority of Asia, but it still can be found and access through any other country.


From player perspective, online gambling is hard to verify authenticity of sites. Unlike real casino, sort of factor can be seen such as casino probability fair, randomness, deck shuffling, legitimate sites, lack of trust / review. But now online gambling site were introduce GUI to prevent it.
Responsible Gaming Features (RGF) created for responsible gambler behavior and reduce harm like mental health problem, deposit limitation, warning sign from prolonged play, high expenditure. RGF must provide for country like Denmark, Germany, Spain. Australia also use this operation but only small percentage.

Act of cheat were prohibited in real casino / online gambling site. Player will get banned, blacklisted, even go to jail if it under government law. Cheating in real casino such as chip fraud, suspect apparatus, interfering, misrepresenting games. Usually sanctions depend under circumstances. Advantages playing techniques are not cheating for mostly casino, for example card counting to play strategy in blackjack and other card games.

Online casino also vulnerable to cheaters. For example method players discovered number generator at poker deck, this allowed players to know what flop was coming if they knew the hands being held by three players.

casino table cheating


Here some following cheating methods from player. Can be individual cheaters or group cheaters.

• Past posting : player would likely replace the chips when lose / win.
• Hand mucking : player switching to desirable cards from their hand.
• Card marking : players marking card using various method during play.
• Deck marking : players marking deck using various method, some of them also involving casino employees. Casino often replace the deck, or cut the deck before given away that makes to prevent cheaters buying decks or using extra card from outside table.
• Slot machine : Method are using extra small machine to detect possible outcome or change calculation of jackpot time.
• Collusion : it’s group cheater to play in poker, they signaling and detecting if card very difficult to win or card has small value, this method can also be collude with the dealer.
• Auxiliary device : Players bring device that can detect card such as card counting or forecast the odds.
• Top Hats : In Roulette, players place a bet after ball has landed to specific number, some of them using fake chips.

Most casino prevent or reduce cheater by employing proper procedure, standardized to shuffleing card, dealing card, storing, retrieving, but mostly they put a lot of security camera to detect any certain method of cheating. Some of security camera also given computer to analyzed player, advantage player, also analyze the game pattern.